Useful links on EVs from all over the web!

Australian Electric Vehicle Association main page

AEVA Tasmanian Branch (my home branch!) 

AEVA discussion forums (you don’t need to be a member of AEVA to join)

EV Show. Video series made by the guys at EV West.

Information about converting vehicles

DIY Electric Car. Articles, forums etc on converting your car to electric.

Elmoto. Discussion forum for converting motorcycles to electric.

EV Drives. Supplier of golf cart motors and controllers. Good source for motorcycle conversions.

Enertrac. Manufacturer of hub motors for motorcycle conversions.

EVTV. Lots of info on conversion parts, as well as hours and hours of videos…

EV West. California based supplier of conversion parts right up to bolt in kits with everything you need to convert a VW in a weekend!

Zero Emissions Vehicles Australia. Perth based supplier of conversion parts.

Oz DIY Electric Vehicles. Supplier of conversion parts, and they can do the work for you as well!

High Performance Electric Vehicle Systems. US manufacturer of motors and components

EV Works. Australian supplier of conversion parts.

Manufacturer of Netgain EV motors

Cafe Electric. Manufacturer of the Zilla motor controller

Sites for specific models site for owners of the Mitsubishi i MiEV worldwide site and forum for Leaf owners worldwide

Ozleaf. Forum for Australian owners of Nissan Leaf.

Tesla discussion forum

How to drive economically to maximise range

Ecomodder. 109 economy driving tips

British hypermiling site

If you have any links you think should be on here, leave a comment!